14 Oktober 2012

First Consultations

28th Feb 2012
As previous entry, after we were worried about the missing AF, we went to visit gynae clinic. During her consultation, she did asked general questions as our conversation below:

Dr           : Your DOB?
Me          : May 1983
DH          : Dec 1983
Dr           : So both of you are 29 this year.
DH & I    : We were just smiling.
Dr           : How many years you been married?
Me          : 8 months; since June 2011.
Dr           : At what age did you start period?
Me          : 12 yrs old.
Dr           : Period pain?
Me          : Nope, never.
Dr           : Usually how many days of period?
Me          : 7-8 days.
Dr           : AF came every month?
Me          : Yup but sometimes they were 7 days late. It became more obvious once I got married.
Dr           : It’s normal because of the hormonal changes.
Dr           : How about husband? ‘Things’ are normal?
DH          : Normal.
Dr           : Sorry if this question makes you feel uneasy. Is there any difficulty to have an ejaculation?
DH          : certainly NOT! (hahahaha…)
Dr           : How many times ‘bersama’?
DH & I    : 1-2 a week, but more than 3 during predicted fertile days (based on the egg white appearance)
Dr           : Ok

After the chat, Dr had advice me to do the hormone level test on the D2 (luteal phase) and D21 (progesterone level) via blood collections after menses. Then, hubby also got a task – he had to do the sperm count test at recommended laboratory, Gribbles (Petaling Jaya). I was prescribed with Sunolut, 5mg; twice a day; for 5 days to induce the menstruation.

Since AF still didn’t come, I can’t get my task done. But hubby can! After done with the consultation, we were asked to pay balance bill:-

I’m working at the statutory body (semi-government), they have limited the bill to RM45 perday each for DH & I. Therefore,

Hormonal test – RM140++ (sorry I can’t remember) – RM45 = RM95
Sunolut                - ??? (forgot!)
Sperm count – RM60 – RM45 = RM15.

After that, we straight went to Gribbles Pathology Malaysia and at the registration counter, we hand over the document/form given by the Dr before. After register, DH was given a quick brief by an Indian staff.

“Ok, take this container for sample collection. You can use the men’s toilet at the back and we give you 15 minutes, if you didn’t succeed within 15 mins, I’ll call you back.”

DH looks terrified by the time restriction. Hahaha… that’s mean! Making him more nervous, I have warned him “better done it before 15min, otherwise they’ll force me to help you which is so embrassing!” Hahaha pity him.

As I sat at the counter, my heart pumping… it’s been 10 minutes and DH still didn’t come out. Suddenly I saw him at the back of the alley holding the sample container!

Hahaha….congrats DH!

After handover the container, we were told that results will be sent to the referred clinic. Then it’s done!

# Note: AF only came two weeks after Sunolut administration.

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Fifi Nadhrah berkata...

husband fifi buat SA dekat LPPKN.. derang ade bilik khas.. siap ade buku berunsur 18sx siap tv n cd 18sx lagi.. hahaha.. tapi husband fifi cakap.. die tak pakai pon ape2 bantuan dalam tu.. wakakaka..

Joanna OT berkata...

woaaa. sgt supportive LPPKN! hahaha. itu ktorg buat kt klinik panel biase kan, so lab yg uruskan tu takde bg blk khas pon. i think klinik kt HUKM pon ada bilik khas.