12 Oktober 2012

No signed of AF - ‘I iz scard’

 A married life
1st month – no one asked.
2nd month – whenever I said I’m tired, letih, or on fever, they’ll said ‘haaa dah ada letew’ (conceived).
3rd month – no AF, people asked me to do the pregnancy test which was negative in result.

Argghhh… Aku rimas… I’m stress…

This is the most common condition that newlywed will faced, and no exception for us.

Above is my menstrual cycle until current month. Well… definitely represent a PCOSian’s cycle except for clomiphene’s (clomid) months; May-July 2012. Cycles were sucks! Sometimes short, sometimes took long period. I’ve started my cycle review on July because we got married on June 2011. Two months after married didn’t show any unusual cycle except AF kinda late for 7 days. Then on September the AF didn’t showed up at all! I’m freaking out a bit, but when I asked friends and relatives they said it is normal for newly bride. They called it ‘hormone shocked’… so, aku buat bodoh je…

Then, bumpy cycle started to occur along Oct 2011 until Jan 2012 and again, AF didn’t showed up on Feb 2012. This time ‘I iz scared’. What is wrong with my menses? Are they out of their minds? I told DH about my concern, and we decided to seek advice from gynae at one of my panel’s clinic on 28 Feb 2012. I started to think… Today… At this time… At this point… Our infertility battle is on… my heart sinked… :(

I’ll write an entry on the gynae consultation…

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