2 Oktober 2012

Journey of A TTCian

Hello All,

I'm Joanna...
I'm A Wife...
I'm A TTCian..

Before this, I was a silent reader of a few TTC blog in Malaysia... Reading their blogs for quite some times has inspired me to open an account and start blogging about my journey towards motherhood. Their blogs
are 'silently' helping me to believe Allah have other plans for me and husband. The most reason this blog was created - to share with others that might need someone or something to read to became 'tabah' or strong to face 'A TTCian life'...we all know that it is not an easy journey... Through out this blog, I'll highlight the processes or treatments or any related things which is in the past or upcoming process... My blog is my love towards TTCian.


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Atie Nash berkata...

hi joanna..sy pun baru buat blog TTC..inspired by many other TCCian's blogs..hope u can be my friend too

I belum buat apa2 treatment but i took Dr's advice to lose weight and stop TTC naturally for 3 months..so for the time being usaha saya lebih kepada menurunkan 'Kgs'


Joanna OT berkata...

Hello atie,

I dah follow your blog. Yup i pun kena reduce some of my weight tp BMI still normal. Tengah struggle nak diet tp meeting & seminar sana-sini of kos tak boleh diet ahaks...:P

Good luck for both of us dear!